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What We Do


Management Consultancy Services


If you are looking for management consultancy solutions, we provide expert services in areas of project executions, personnel psychology and performance improvements. We will guide and support you in executing your organisation's goals and strategy by turning them into concrete results.You will receive solution focused interventions to significantly improve performances and attain results you desire. We also create frameworks for staff recruitment, provide assessments for development need analysis, develop job performance standards and evaluating job performances.

We also offer a full range of assessment measures from ability and aptitude tests to personality measures, competency based assessments, career preferences inventories, values and motives questionnaires, 360° appraisal system, emotional intelligence measures and pressure management indicators.

To find out more about how our management consultancy services could be of value to you, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call us on 02920026502.


                                        Coaching Services


Our coaching solutions are at the forefront of proven and fundamental principles of coaching for individuals to enable them to be more effective towards their goals and future focused objectives in both personal life and business. We aim at helping individuals acquire positive psychological and emotional growth that's necessary for personal growth and development.

You will receive insightful tools and techniques that will assist you towards attaining your desired goal and improve your wisdom. Our coaches provide a safe, trans-formative and creative space in which you could master your goals and overcome challenging obstacles.

We deliver coaching programmes and one to one support in personal coaching, career coaching, executive coaching and team coaching.

To find out more about benefits and value of one of our coaching service to you, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call us on 02920026502.

                                    Training Services


Our methodology to training provides you with the opportunity to go beyond acquiring knowledgeable information to receiving reflective and integrative learning, giving you the ability to transfer the knowledge gained into instant useable skills.

Our training structure is based on a model called trans-formative learning as opposed to informative learning. Trans-formative learning is a method of training that enhances understanding of knowledge and skills development through your frame of reference and life experiences.

This offers you the platform to get outstanding results and achieve your goals much quicker and more effectively. We provide training to meet a vast variety of needs and learning experience.

We deliver training programmes for individuals, customised work-based learning for teams and vocational accredited training. All our training courses whether short, bespoke or accredited, are designed to be practical and interactive. We provide a beginning-to-end learning experience that delivers value at every step of your training. As a result you will receive knowledge and skill that can be easily transferred and result in improved performance.

To find out more about our training services and their benefits to you, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call us on 02920026502

Short courses

We offer an array of short courses for personal effectiveness, to help you and your people gain the skills and confidence needed towards achieving your goals. We run half day and full day courses in related expertise programs and courses. Our short courses are designed to help:

  • You learn informally
  • Drastically improve you performance on a specific subject area
  • Help you become more effective

Bespoke training

Our bespoke training offers unique platform to design training specific to your needs on a date and at a location that is convenient to you. Our bespoke training provides the following opportunities:

  • Creates the opportunity for a comprehensive audit on training needs
  • Tailored content and flexibility of solutions
  • Can be a cost effective solution
  • Helps solve skills challenges and ensure confidentiality

Career accredited training

The accredited training courses we offer are accredited to meet national UK standards. We offer a variety of courses under this framework and are constantly adding to the list to meet the demands of customers.

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