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Team Coaching

Team coaching is the direct interaction with a team intended to help them make full coordinated use of collective resources to build better relationships, improve communication and accomplishing the teams primary objectives. Team coaching is usually provided for groups for the purpose of developing better team working and improving productivity.  Modern research on team coaching shows that coaching significantly increases motivation and productivity.

Harvard professor Richard Hackman of social and organisational psychology says "...about half of the leading edge companies in this world business now deploy most of their employees in self-organizing teams, with many of them achieving remarkable results”. Our team coaching philosophy focuses on pulling teams together to achieving their full potential.

TEAMS (Together Evolving And Mastering Success)

Working in partnership with our team coaches can assist you with:

  • Aligning the goals of your team with the organization.
  • Creating sustainable transformation for positive change and increased productivity.
  • Identifying development needs within the team.
  • Supporting the team in implementing a road map for your organisational goals. 
  • Resolving conflict that erode productivity.
  • Discussing issues been avoided.
  • Improve motivation and increase commitments within the team.
  • Agree on a shared mission goals and action plans.
  • Increase creativity and enhance brainstorming results.

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