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This programme aims to offer help to adults who desire to improve their self confidence, self esteem and to learn more about themselves
  • Duration : 3 days
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Programme Overview

Who is this for?

This programme aims to offer help to adults  who desire to improve their self confidence, self esteem and to learn more about themselves. Enabling them to improve their quality of life and discover their life purpose. 

What is it about?

Discover the You in You; My life, My design is a programme designed to assist individuals to examine their strengths and weaknesses in areas of their life that may be blocking their path to success. You will be looking deeply and honestly at your ways of thinking, feeling, and acting which generate the results you get in all the important areas of your life.  This course promotes taking active responsibility for your own personal growth and development. This course will teach you how to break internal barriers which maybe taking control of your life. You will spend time exploring your current situations and how the vicious cycle of events shape your present circumstance. The programme creates an opportunity of looking at yourself with a fresh set of eyes and opens up new possibilities of success for the future. The programme provides you with the confidence and skills required to actively seek out ways to improve, not just in your career, but in all areas of your life.

What will I get out of it?

•    Be able to identify your key strengths and what drives you
•    Become comfortable about your true self identity
•    Learn strategies to put forward your ideas confidently
•    Create natural building blocks to higher self-esteem and self-confidence
•    Tools to break down the invisible barriers that hinder your success
•    Know how you can achieve your personal desired achievements

You will learn

•    An introduction to personality types models
•    Identify and recognise your strengths and weaknesses
•    Self-identity
•    Building and maintaining self-image
•    The power of beliefs - the how and the why
•    Breaking negatives circles and barriers
•    Visualization techniques and goal setting strategies
•    The importance of planning and setting priorities
•    Factors that impact change and success
•    Building a new thought process
•    Understand principles of building successful achievements
•    Setting personal objectives and creating flexible plans to achieving your goals

For individuals who will like to go further in knowing more about how to apply themselves to achieve better results. There are one to one coaching sessions and group sessions available on request for interested parties!


Thursday, 02 April 2015 Mehret
Review:I took a Discover you in you course and it was awesome.
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