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This course is for anyone needing to learn how to effectively prioritise their time.
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Course Overview

Who is it for?

Our time management course is for anyone who wants  to learn how to improve their skills on prioritising their time and responding to change more effectively. 
This course is both  beneficial to individuals towards personal and professional growth, making it widely beneficial to a range of candidates.

What is it about?

This time management course helps candidates regain control over their workload by managing time and their interaction with others more intelligently.  You will learn how to prioritise effectively, how and when to say no, and most importantly how to make your time scheduling sustainable over time.  

What will I get out of it?   

•    Assertive communication techniques to help you manage and handle disruptions
•    Skills for delegating work to others
•    The skills of saying no without having a guilt feeling
•    Effective prioritisation skills
•    Strategies that enhance managing time efficiently
•    Understanding of your own productivity schedules and patterns
•    Setting smart targets
•    Becoming in control of how and where your time and energy is spent

You will learn

•    How to Set smart goals and objectives
•    How to become more result focused
•    Learning how to be more creative to improve your productivity
•    How to get delegate to others effectively to free up more time
•    Learn strategies for effective delegation
•    How to reprioritise, when and where necessary
•    Communication strategies
•    How to be more assertive


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