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The course is aimed at individuals who want to develop their knowledge of good customer service principles.
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Course Overview
Who is this for?

The course is aimed at individuals who want to develop their knowledge of good customer service principles. The course is designed to help individuals who want to learn how customer needs and expectations are met through the delivery of effective customer service.

What is it about?

The course will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to enable effective customer service. You will learn interpersonal and team working skills, required within the customer service environment. You will also learn the different aspects of the customer service process, understanding customer needs and expectations, and how to respond to customer complaints.

What will I get out of it?

•    Know the principles of good customer service
•    Understand how customer needs and expectations are formed
•    Understand principles of responding to customers’ problems or complaints
•    Know how to identify the interpersonal and team working skills required in the customer service environment
•    Understand the legislation that supports customer service

You will learn

•    The purpose of good customer service
•    Learn how customer service affects the success of the organization
•    Learn about the different types of customers of an organization
•    Learn about the range of customer needs
•    Learn what customer information that may be retained
•    Learn the difference between providing a product and providing a service
•    Learn what an after-sales service is
•    Learn what a unique selling point (USP) and a unique service offer (USO) are
•    Learn how to promote products and services offers
•    Learn about the interrelationship between customer satisfaction and customer expectations
•    Learn how customer needs are identified and how to obtain feedback
•    How an organization maintains customer loyalty
•    why brand identity is important to customers
•    Learn the common causes of customer complaints
•    Learn about the different communication styles
•    The importance of adapting methods of communication and behavior to meet customer needs
•    How non-verbal communication of the service deliverer can affect the behavior of a customer
•    How personal presentation, approach and attitude can influence the perception of the service delivered
•    Learn about the range of inter-personal skills required for effective customer service
•    Learn the key aspects of the legislation relating to consumer law
•    The responsibilities of the employer and employee under the Health and Safety at Work Act
•    The importance of confidentiality
•    Learn the main principles of the Data Protection Act
•    Learn how a code of practice or ethical standards can impact upon the activities of a service deliverer


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