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This course is aimed at individuals and organisations needing to improve their customer service process.
  • Duration : 5 days
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Course Overview
Who is this for?

This course is aimed at individuals and organisations who want to learn how they can effectively develop and improve their customer service process.

What is it about?

The course is about developing and improving the customer service process.  You will explore the process of promoting products and services and the importance of effective teamwork. You will learn how to monitor customer service performance, and how customer feedback can be used to improve customer relations.

What will I get out of it?

•    Understand  the process of promoting products and services
•    Know the benefits of customer feedback
•    Know the value of effective teamwork
•    Know  how to monitor performance and the importance of the process


You will learn

•    The benefits of evaluating the customer service experience
•    How to compare a range of techniques used in monitoring customer service delivery
•    How to design a method of obtaining customer feedback
•    How the outcome of an organizational SWOT analysis can be used to promote a cycle of continuous improvement
•    How to explain the techniques used to monitor and review the impact of any changes introduced in an organization to customers, employees of  the organization
•    How Unique Selling Points (USP) can influence the customer choice of products and services
•    What a Unique Service Offer (USO) is and how it is used to differentiate service offers from that of competitors
•    How organizations promote their products and services
•    How cost benefit analysis influences the method used to promote a product or service
•    The importance of evaluating promotions
•    How to identify different communication techniques used when managing a team
•    The inter-personal skills required for effective team working
•    The importance of effective service partnerships for the delivery of excellent customer service
•    The dynamics of team working
•    The importance of setting goals with team members
•    The methods used by organizations to set levels of customer service performance
•    How to monitor the performance of individuals and teams
•    How team members can self assess and develop their customer service skills and knowledge
•    How to carry out a personal development plan


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