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This course is aimed at assisting individuals, managers and leaders, how to build strong successful teams.
  • Duration : 2 days
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Course Overview
Who is this for?

This course is aimed at assisting individuals, managers and leaders who want to improve their knowledge and understanding, on ways  to effectively build teams, improve productivity and performance.

What is it about?

The course will equip you skills to becoming a better team development leader. You will gain the knowledge required to understanding the dynamics of teams. You will look at the processes of change and its relevance to team development. You will also learn about the benefits of diversity within teams, strategies to manage change, and how to build and maintain positive teams.

What will I get out of it?

•    Know how to efficiently build successful teams
•    Know how change and impact teams
•    Understand benefits and challenges of diversity within teams
•    Understand the importance of shared purpose in managing change and team development

You will learn

•    Process methodologies of change and team development
•    Different ways to build and maintain positive team relationships
•    Strategies and techniques used for successful team development
•    About team development issues
•    How to create a team’s identity


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